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ABC Acadie, An Acadian Alphabet Hardcover

ABC Acadie, An Acadian Alphabet Hardcover

  • 17.95

by Mary Alice Downie (Author)

Illustrations by Anne LeBlanc

ABC Acadie, intended for children grades K to 3, paints a picture of the Acadian community in eastern Canada before the Expulsion, a community with unique customs and beliefs. The pages are alive with will-o-the-wisps, werewolves, gremlins, and goblins. Porcupine quills are used as decorations and worn-out clothing made into rag dolls. The community was thriving until the British expelled them and set them adrift. The paintings in ABC Acadie were done by Anne LeBlanc, an Acadian from Clare, N.S. Anne is a renowned story-teller of Acadian Legends, and has brought her legends into the ABC Acadie pages, giving children lots to look for from page to page. Anne's vibrant paintings are unique in style and complement well-known author Mary Alice Downie's down to earth explanation of the history of the Acadians.

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