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DVD: Acadie Liberté

DVD: Acadie Liberté

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Acadie Liberté

Duration: 40 minutes (French, English and American)

Silver Screen Award - 1994 (US International Film and Video Festival - Chicago)

Recalls the history of the Acadian people. Begins on that fateful date in 1755 at which time, through intolerance and envy combined, a small independent and peace-loving people were forever dispossessed of their territory. Featuring re-enactment of the most dramatic episodes of this tragedy, the journey of the Acadian people is recalled from its origin in the 17th century to the end of the 18th century. It is the shared story of three million people around the world, the descendants of those who survived the events of the Acadian deportation. It is also most significantly the common origin of the Acadian from the Atlantic region of Canada and the Louisiana Cajuns who have both recreated their new Acadia and are now a testimony to its formidable capacity for survival.




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