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Flakes Maple Sugar 38g / 1.3oz

Flakes Maple Sugar 38g / 1.3oz

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Pure maple syrup is 66% sugar and 34% water. Once the remaining water is removed from maple syrup you are left with just pure maple sugar. Our maple sugar is made using a highly innovative technological process which dehydrates the pure maple sugar and delivers delicious and crunchy pure maple sugar.Maple sugar is a great alternative to cane sugar. Maple sugar is not an empty calorie. With no additives, allergens or preservatives maple sugar provides you with potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and iron. Maple sugar contains large quantities of B complex vitamins, particularly thiamine, plus it has the distinction of being fat free. The nutritional values in different quantities of maple sugar, identified under Food Code 4326, are available in Health Canada’s Canadian Nutrient File, 2005.

This pure maple sugar comes in a re-sealable bottle with a safety seal and a shaker cap for easy dispensing. A perfect size for the kitchen or many food service applications. 

Serving suggestions

Use pure maple sugar wherever you would use regular cane sugar. Maple sugar is delicious on cereal, in coffee or in any baked goods. When mixed with whipped cream or cool whip maple sugar makes a delicious spread or topping for cakes, cookies, waffles or pancakes. For dinner time sprinkle maple sugar on top of salads for a delicious and unique added crunch, or add maple sugar to balsamic or apple cider vinegar for a light, sweet dressing.

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