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Jacques' Escape

Jacques' Escape

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Author:  Anne C. Kelly

Fourteen-year-old Acadian Jacques Terriot is being deported with his family to the British colony of Massachusetts. He longs to escape and join his older brother in fighting with the French. Jacques is about to set out on a journey that will teach him the true meaning of family and home, as well as what it means to be Acadian.


Jacques stared at Colonel John Winslow in alarm. Surely, he didn’t mean . . . he couldn’t mean what he said. The words echoed dully in Jacques’ head: “Your lands . . . cattle . . . livestock . . . forfeited to the Crown . . . and you yourselves . . . removed from . . . His Majesty’s Province.”

Removed. Sent away. Deported.

Jacques shoved his hands into the pockets of his thick wool trousers to hide their shaking. Henri was right; Lawrence did want to get rid of them. The English had threatened to deport them before, but no one had taken the threats seriously.

Colonel Winslow of the English Provincial Troops was deadly serious.

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