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Minnie of the Maritimes

Minnie of the Maritimes

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When a young woman from a conservative community gets 'in the family way' in 1880 the options for her future are limited. The fortunate ones are sent away to give them a chance for a new life and so it is for sixteen year old Minnie. Her experiences as she travels to Montreal for the birth, to Prince Edward Island for a life on her aunt's farm, her wedding there and her married life in Halifax, reveal the history of life in the Maritimes through her eyes. As society changes even today, this story imagines a strong woman as she matures and her life unfolds.

About the Author
Born in one of the Planter houses built in 1777, in the Annapolis Valley, and a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, wherever Judith lives she is still a Maritimer. Investigating her ancestors led to the fictional life of a real person, Minnie Healy, born in 1864 outside the village of Port Williams in Kings Co., Nova Scotia. No other details of her life were recorded. This is Judith's first novel.

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