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Medium Musical Spoons: Giboulée

  • 27.90

Dimension: 4 cm x 4 cm x 21 cm
- Weight: 57 grams
- Maplewood
- Silk-screened with Grand-Pré logo

Available in many different colours

Handmade musical spoons crafted in the historical City of Quebec, Canada. Since 1997, Richard Cyr has been creating these unique musical instruments using the best Canadian maple and years of devotion and experience. His exclusive design delivers a heart-warming musical tone for years.

Musical spoons are easy to learn, great for gatherings, and make for a truly memorable gift or souvenir, especially with our easy custom ordering.

Share in a centuries-old tradition, a living heritage, and a fun and lively music with your own set of authentically Canadian, handmade musical spoons.

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