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Maple Syrup: Vanilla, Cinnamon & Star Anise Pure Infused

Maple Syrup: Vanilla, Cinnamon & Star Anise Pure Infused

  • 16.99

The maple syrup is taken straight from the sugar bushes of Nova Scotia and infused with 100% natural flavours. Pure Infused Maple syrup. It’s not just for breakfast.

Available in 2 different sizes

Pure Infused Maple products are all natural Canadian syrups balanced with the bold flavours of vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, chipotle, lemongrass and ginger. Whether you're making cookies or a cocktail, you'll love them in the kitchen, the barbeque, or the bar. Add real flavour to your next creation.

We created this flavour profile to deepen the silky sweetness of maple syrup and give it an exotic twist. Starting with pure vanilla, cinnamon bark and just a touch of star anise, this infusion creates a familiar yet unique taste that will transport you to the spice markets of the Orient. Use it to give a distinct twist to bread puddings, ice cream or your morning oatmeal. Better yet, transform your everyday pancakes, waffles or French toast into something extraordinary.

  • Bread puddings, to give them a distinct twist
  • Drizzled over ice cream
  • With pancakes, waffles and French toast
  • On any number of warm breakfast cereals – cream of wheat, oatmeal, kasha
  • As a exotic sweetener for whipping cream
  • Over cheesecake
  • In smoothies and yogurt
  • To replace simple syrups in warm and cold beverages (vanilla steamers, iced coffees, etc.)

Available in two different sizes

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