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Maple Syrup: Chipotle & Lemongrass Pure Infused

Maple Syrup: Chipotle & Lemongrass Pure Infused

  • 16.99

Available in 2 different sizes

The maple syrup is taken straight from the sugar bushes of Nova Scotia and infused with 100% natural flavours. Pure Infused Maple syrup. It’s not just for breakfast.

Pure Infused Maple products are all natural Canadian syrups balanced with the bold flavours of vanilla, lavender, cinnamon, chipotle, lemongrass and ginger. Whether you're making cookies or a cocktail, you'll love them in the kitchen, the barbeque, or the bar. Add real flavour to your next creation.

We took our inspiration for PURE Chipotle and Lemongrass straight from the BBQ. The smokiness imparted by the chipotle peppers is a lovely counterpoint to the natural sweetness of maple syrup. The lemongrass helps brighten up the finish, as the long, lingering, subtle heat of the chipotle dances on the palate. We love using it to make homemade barbecue sauces, but we’ve also made great marinades (Korean short ribs), brushed it over grilled salmon steaks, and turned it into a dynamite dipping sauce for chicken wings.

Chipotle & Lemongrass uses are:

  • Making marinades (especially for things like Korean short ribs!)
  • Brushing directly on grilled salmon steaks
  • Creating a dipping sauce for chicken wings
  • Making traditional baked beans
  • Making your roasted squash or roasted vegetable soup extra special

Available in two different sizes

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