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The Great Canadian Song Book Volume I

The Great Canadian Song Book Volume I

  • 27.00

Compiled by Dr. Ed Whitcomb

Complete with words, music and chords.

The Great Canadian Song Book is designed for adults, kids, schools, musicians, choirs, sing-a- longs at home, the cottage or the camp-fire. Volume I fills a huge gap in the books of music about Canada. Currently there are collections of music from different provinces and regions, by individuals and bands, music on some themes, old collections of folk music, and books with assorted music. But there is no single volume that brings together national anthems, provincial anthems, the most famous historical pieces, the most popular traditional songs, songs about the whole country and its regions, and all the basic Canadian themes like love, the climate, war, immigration, the environment, and hardship, and the activities like fishing, ship-building, smuggling, the fur trade, farming, mining, railroads and trucking, travel, dancing and hockey. This book includes music on all of these topics, and Volume II will add another 50-60 songs to the collection. It contains music by many of Canada’s best composers, Oscar Brand, Bim, Bruce Cockburn, Stompin’ Tom, Connie Kaldor, Lennie Gallant, Roy Griff, Wade Hemsworth, James Keelaghan, Darryl Landry, Gordon Lightfoot, Allister MacGillivray, Murry McLaughlin, Rita MacNeil, Jimmy Rankin, Stan Rogers, Alex Sinclair, Hank Snow, Stevedore Steve, and Ian Tyson, just to name a few and with apologies to the others.

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