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The Melanson Story, Acadian Family, Acadian Times (2nd Edition)

The Melanson Story, Acadian Family, Acadian Times (2nd Edition)

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Author: Margaret C. Melanson

Preface by Stephen A. White

Pierre and Charles Melanson, the ancestors of all of today's Melanson's and Melancon's, arrived in Acadia in 1657. Acadia was a large territory which encompassed present-day New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and much of Maine.

The Melanson Story: Acadian Family, Acadian Times traces the lives and adventures of Pierre and Charles Melanson, their children, many of their in-laws, and their Boston family. A variety of characters are encountered, including the privateer, the slave trader, the spies, the forger, the hero, the traitor, and of course, the proverbial bootlegger.

The documents and stories are set against a background of the history of Acadia from its first French settlement in 1604, through the Acadian deportation and its aftermath. The text is generously illustrated with reproductions of original historical documents (transcriptions in Appendix A), signatures, maps, portraits, photographs, drawings, and other material, lending a visual sense of time, place, and people.

A great resource book for all your genealogy needs

Book Specifications:

  • laminated, full-colour cover
  • 147 b/w illustrations including historical document reproductions, maps, photographs, portraits, conceptualized paintings, drawings, etc., plus signatures, census data, tabulated information, etc.
  • footnotes
  • appendices
  • bibliography
  • comprehensive index

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